The National Service Scheme (NSS) is a programme organized by the Ministry of Education and Youth Services of the Government of India to offer opportunities and training in service to the community and the nation for students with an aptitude. It is intended to involve the college students in a variety of social service and developmental activities concomitantly with the normal academic programme. The motto of the scheme is “Education through Community Service”.

The NSS Aims to Develop in its Volunteers

  • A spirit of selfless service to our people in distress, poverty and ignorance, irrespective of region, language, religion and caste
  • A capacity to identify and study community problems, to plan and to carry out welfare projects as a team.
  • A willingness to share the benefits of modern higher education with our people who did not get this benefit.
  • A dignity for manual work and respect and concern for our rural masses
  • A living faith in the unity of India and our great national heritage

A variety of service programmes like slum clearance, adult education, small savings drive, community welfare, rural reconstruction, maintenance of national monuments, socioeconomic survey, etc. are available. certificate will be issued to deserving volunteers at the completion of their two year term. volunteers are expected to participate in all the training programmes and work camps organized from time to time.

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National Service Scheme

The NSS Unit of the college plays an active role in shaping our students as humane and responsible citizens. In order to cultivate the social responsibility and respect on human values students are made to involve in various activities under NSS. The unit plans and executes socially relevant projects to motivate the students towards social obligations. The faculty and students have involved themselves in extension activities and community development programmes through special programmes organized by NSS. Our institute runs one funded unit with 100 students.

The unit is headed by Mr. A.Mohanraj, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Department.We conduct special programs which provide unique opportunities to the students for group living, collecting experience, sharing and addressing various developmental issues of local, regional and national interest. Various camps were conducted by NSS. Volunteering certificates from the affiliated university were given to them. In that, students actively participated in the cleaning the roads, temple cleaning, health awareness programme etc.

Many awareness programmes are organized and conducted by the unit. They are as follows:

  • Awareness Rallies
  • Blood Donation Camp
  • Cleaning
  • Helmet Wearing Awareness Programme
  • Road Safety Awareness Programme
  • RD parade selection
  • New voters registered awareness camp
  • Health awareness programmes

List of NSS Activities

S.No. Title of the Program Date No. of Participants
1. Tree Plantation 6/7/2015 50
2. Organ Donation 17/7/2015 24
3. Blood Donation camp 4/8/2015 54
4. NSS orientation Programme 20/8/2015 100
5. Youth  awareness day celebrations 15/10/2015 108
6. Awareness campaign regarding Blood Donation 6/10/2015 110
7. Dengu awareness rally 16/12/15 102
8. Rally on Save water and Electricity 4/1/2016 100
9. Awareness programme on Ozone depletion 20/1/2016 99
10. Eye check up camp 9/2/2016 112
11. Blood Donation camp 12/7/16 77 units
12. Tree Plantation 22/7/16 92
13. NSS orientation Programme 3/8/2016 100
14. Dengu awareness rally 12/8/16 77
15. Swachh Bharat pledge 24/8/2016 500
16. NSS Day celebration 23/9/2016 120
17. Safe Hand’s-International hand washing day 15/10/2016 80 House keepers
18. Digital Transaction 15/9/16 90
19. Eye check up camp 20/10/16 48
20. Celebration at constitution day 26/11/2016 72
21. NSS -Special Camp (7 days) 21/2/2017 to 27/2/2017 50
22. E-waste collections 1/3/2017 50
23. Dengu awareness programme 8/3/2017 108
24. Yoga & Meditation 12/7/2017 105
25. Tree Plantation 25/7/2017 50
26. NSS orientation Programme 8/8/2017 100
27. Blood Donation camp 29/8/2017 102
28. NSS -Special Camp (7 days) 4/3/18-10/3/18 50
29. Tree Plantation 12/6/18 50
30. Swachh Bharat Summer Internship Program (100hrs) 18/6/18-2/7/18 40
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