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Event Archives  2019 -2020

Alumni Webinar Series 6

Alumni webinar series was conducted on 19.09.2020. Mr.Vijayakumar Jayaraman, Software Development Engineer in Test, BlueConch Technologies delivered speech on Carreer Guidance.


Alumni Webinar Series 5

Alumni webinar (Day 5) was conducted on 02.05.2020.Ms.Revathipriya RS, Lead AT &T, Senior Associate, and Applied Math & Statistics, delivered speech on Overview of Tools & Technologies in Data Handling with Business Scenario.


Alumni Webinar Series 4

Alumni webinar (Day 4) was conducted on 30.4.2020.Ms.Vinupriya Kumar, Lead Engineer, HCL Technologies, delivered speech on Small Talk about Testing Concepts.


Alumni Webinar Series 3

Alumni webinar(Day 3) was conducted on 29.4.2020.Mr.Kamalakannan Ramesh, Software Engineer, Lowe’s India, delivered speech on Acing your next Interview and Mr.Saravana Kumar Putta Selvaraj, Platform Engineer, Zoho Technologies, delivered speech on Full Stack Web Developer Career Guidance.


Alumni Webinar Series 2

Alumni webinar (Day2) was conducted on 28.4.2020.Mr.D.Abdul Rahman, Senior Software Analyst, HCL Technologies delivered speech on Data Scientists role in IT revolution and Mr.Vasanthakumar, Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys PVT.Ltd, delivered speech on Types of job profile in IT industries.


Alumni Webinar Series 1

Alumni webinar series (Day1) was conducted on 27.4.2020.Mr.D.Mohan, Probationary officer, Canara bank delivered speech on Carreer Guidance and Ms.V.Nethravathi, Senior Consultant, and Riversand global Technologies delivered speech on Email writing.


SRS Contest

SRS Contest Conducted on 26.02.2020

We had conducted “SRS CONTEST” on 26.02.2020 for students of 2nd and 3rd year from departments of Information Technology and Computer Science and Engineering. Purpose of the event is to improve the knowledge about SRS document preparation for their project. We have allotted half a day for their SRS preparation. Many students had participated and awarded with certificates. Best of them was chosen and awarded with winner prize.

Alumni Interaction

Alumni Interaction program was conducted on 22.02.2020 in the academic year 2019- 2020.

1. Akalya ME 2015 Batch, Deputy Commercial tax officer

2. Saipraveen, freelancer in Aura Picturesque

3. Vigneshwaran, Web designer in Indegene Pvt LTD

4. Dharun Prabhakaran, Program Analyst in CTS are shared their knowledge and interact with the juniors.


PALS –Quiz

PALS-Quiz for CSE Students

PALS – QUIZ 2020 COMPETITION  was conducted on 03.01.2020 for the academic year 2019-2020.The quiz based on the general knowledge. It will be good for students as they can explore their knowledge.

Hear & Act

Hear & Act conducted on 06.09.2019

Hear & Act is a nontechnical event conducted on 06.09.2019 as a part of SPRING FEST 2K19.A word or sentence is given and the participant should act according to that. Other participants should find it.

Kodd Corner


KODD CORNER conducted on 06.09.2019

KODD CORNER is a technical event conducted on 06.09.2019 as a part of SPRING FEST 2K19. A question is given to the participants and they should write a program and execute it and should get sample output.

Logo Quiz


Logo quiz conducted on 06.09.2019

Logo Quiz is a nontechnical event conducted on 06.09.2019 as a part of SPRING FEST 2K19. Logos of different companies are displayed and the participants should identify the company correctly

Paper presentation


Paper Presentation conducted on 06.09.2019 

Paper Presentation  is a technical event conducted on 06.09.2019 as a part of SPRING FEST 2K19.Students exposed their technical knowledge with good communication and content delivery.

Tech Puzzle


Tech puzzle conducted on 06.09.2019

Tech puzzle is a technical event conducted on 06.09.2019 as a part of SPRING FEST 2K19. Puzzles with options related to technical skills are given and the participants should choose the correct option.

English Wizard


English Wizard conducted on 24.07.2019

On behalf of Association, the English Wizard event conducted on 24.07.2019 by final year students, all the department students are contributed and best students got prize for this event.


Association Inauguration 2019 -2020

Asociation Inaugration of 2019-2020

VRICSA 8 th Inaugural function is held on 12.07.2019 in Department of CSE. Chief guest Mr. Makesh Gopala krishnan addressed the students and he shared following important points to the students.

  • Self learning is very important to get a job
  • Going to internship in software companies is very useful for students to develop their skills
  • Participating hackathon events to enhance their programming skills.
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