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Event Archives 2018-19

Symposium – SPRINGFEST 2K’19 (22.02.2019)







Program : Alumni Interaction program




The alumni student Mr. M. Gokul raj is working in IVTL technologies, Chennai. The alumni student was eagerly interact with our students. The students got an idea about how to write a code in various field through this guest lecture. At the end of session, students interact about the real time scenario and the product development. We offer a variety of opportunities for alumni to stay engaged through the Alumni Association.

Program: IDEA CONTEST (06.09.18)




To motivate the students in developing the new ideas “IDEA CONTEST”, an intra department mini project show cum exhibition was organized. Second, third and final year students displayed and demonstrated their ideas in various fields of electrical engineering.

            Students formed batches and showed their team work and demonstrated their projects in various modes such as displaying charts and making prototypes of their innovations. Totally nineteen batches participated in the Idea Contest and exhibited their ideas.

            Our co-department HoD, Dr. R. Nandha Kumar, Professor and Head of the department, Electronics and Communication Engineering cut the ribbon and made a grand opening for our project display.

            Our department senior faculty members Dr. P. Veena, Professor/EEE and Dr.A.Murugesan, Associate professor/ EEE were the juries and selected the best projects which is to be awarded first and second prizes.






The “BEES” association has been inaugurated on 6th September, 2018 for the academic year of 2018-19 by the chief guest Dr.P.Krishnamoorthy, M.E, Ph.D, Senior Scientist, Philips Research India,Bangalore







The  BEES Association conducted a technical event for EEE and ECE students on 03/09/2018

The students of 3rd year EEE department have conducted a event on circuit debugging which contains three rounds which enhanced the brains of the students .The rounds are the following


In the 1st round students were given with technical questions that  make them to learn about the  technologies prevailed in the recent time, and basics of circuit construction. In that 8 teams were short listed to the next level.

In the 2nd round participants tested with their logical capacity on event of Treasure hunt. The rules of the game were clues were given to the participants and their final clue will be pointing  towards the circuit that given to them. In that event also students short listed which about 6 teams.

Then in the final round the contestants provided with circuit diagram   for reference  and asked to assemble the circuit on the given time, which digged their memory power and analysis of the circuit .

On the end of the programme the winners were announced  and  certificates were provided.


Program: BEAT OTHERS BRAIN (13.08.18)




The Bees Association conducted quiz contest on the name of BEAT OTHERS BRAIN which is testing their general knowledge about the past and the current affairs of the world.

 It consists of three rounds

  1. Find me up
  2. Pick me up
  3. Black board blanks
  4. Answer the query

The 1st round consists of the choose the  best answer

 20 questions were asked and participants answered the questions and the top marks were selected for the next level

       The 2nd round on ‘Iam not the person’ in which the students have          pick  the odd person in list it also have 10 questions and top marks were  picked for next round.

The 3rd round which of ‘Black board blanks’ which of fill in the blanks which about the some technical questions in the event and participants were filtered in it.

The 4th round ‘Answer the Query‘ which of question answering directly by participants of the winner were selected according to their marks then the certificates were provided.