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Event Archives  2018 -19

Symposium – SPRINGFEST 2K’19 (22.02.2019)









The cloud literacy day was celebrated in association with ICT Academy of Tamilnadu  on 15th October 2018. It aims to improve the technical knowledge of the students in the areas of web designing and cloud technologies. 







Program: “Technical puzzle solving”

       Students has solved the puzzles related based on Programming Language. In these students have recollected the basic techniques which were helpful for the students in exams and placement activity.



Event 1:”code debugging”




Code debugging is an essential element of learning to program. In this lesson, students will encounter puzzles that have been solved incorrectly. They will need to step through the existing code to identify errors, including incorrect loops, missing blocks, extra blocks, and misordered` blocks. As your students work through the puzzles, observe how they search for bugs. Identify different strategies used and ask students to share with the whole class. This helps students to recognize that there are many ways to approach these problems. Have students follow the path described by the code with their fingers to find potential bugs.


Event 2:”python code”



Python code test is particularly challenging for young students who are driven by the end product, such as a game. They often do not perceive the intermediate debugging stage as a learning opportunity; they just want to fix the bug and move on!


  Program:”Guest Lecture “

    Topic:”Theory of computation”



Guest Lecture on “Theory of Computation”, organized by the Department of Computer Science and engineering by Dr.S.Kalaivani, Associate Professor, IRTT.


Program:”Guest Lecture “

Topic:”Discrete Mathematics”





Guest Lecture on “Theory of Computation”, organized by the Department of Computer Science and engineering by Mr. Selvakumar Ramachandran, Professor, Vellore Institute of technology.




Program: “Photoshop and Flash Player”




The world’s leader in digital imaging so, we encourage the student to know basic knowledge about Photoshop and flash player.

Idea about:

  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Web professionals
  • Video professionals
  • 3D artists and designers


Event Archives  2017 -18

Date Event Chief Guest Details
02.03.2018 Inauguration of VIRTUSA’s  CoE on Customer Relationship Management 1.) Mr.C KUMARESAN, Senior Director Technologies (CRM Practice) Virtusa.    &
2.) Mr.S KRITHIVASAN, Lead India campus hiring, Virtusa.
03.03.2018 ICTACT Power Seminar  1.) Mr. ISAAC PATTURAJA, HR – Sanmina India Pvt.Ltd
2.) Mr. JEROM FERNANDES,Manager HR & Admin – Pilship
3.) Mr.CHARLES GODWIN, HR – Royal Cyber inc.
4.) Ms. ARCHANA S, HR-Sundaram Business Services.

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