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AURA – Association


S.No Name of the Students Year /Section Post
1 Mr.V.Naagha Naveen Kumar 4th Year A Secretary
2 Ms.P.Vinothini 4th Year B Treasurer
3 Ms.T.Janani 4th Year A Joint Secretary
4 Ms.N.Sangeetha 4th Year B Joint Secretary
5 Mr.A.Arun Kumar 3rd Year A Joint Secretary
6 Mr.S.Ramesh 3rd Year B Joint Secretary
7 Mr.S.Durai Raj 2nd Year A Joint Secretary
8 Ms.R.Sumathi 2nd Year B Joint Secretary
9 Mr.M.Govindaraj 4th Year A Joint Treasurer
10 Mr.K.Deepan 4th Year B Joint Treasurer
11 Mr.P.Karthikeyan 3rd Year A Joint Treasurer
12 Ms.S.Priyanka 3rd Year B Joint Treasurer
13 Mr.S.Abdual Kadhar 2nd Year A Joint Treasurer
14 Mr.R.Vignesh 2nd Year B Joint Treasurer
15 Mr.M.Barath Kumar 4th Year A Executive Member
16 Mr.S.Ravi 4th Year B Executive Member
17 Ms.R.Dharani 3rd Year A Executive Member
18 Mr.C.Sridhar 3rd Year B Executive Member
19 Ms.P.Bhuvaneshwari 2nd Year A Executive Member
20 Ms.S.S.Priyanka 2nd Year B Executive Member









S.NO Name of the students Year Post
1 Mr.K.Naveenkumar IV-Year B Secretary
2 Mr.B.Karthick IV-Year A Treasurer
3 Ms.S.Bharathi IV-Year A Joint Secretary
4 Ms.T.Janani III-Year A Joint Secretary
5 Mr.A.Arunkumar II-Year A Joint Secretary
6 Ms.S.S.Renu priya IV-Year B Joint Treasurer
7 MS.N.Sangeetha III-Year B Joint Treasurer
8 Ms.B.Oviya II-Year B Joint Treasurer
9 Ms.R.Aarthi IV-Year A Executive member
10 Mr.R.Bharathi Raja IV-Year A Executive member
11 Mr.S.Thiru Murugan IV-Year B Executive member
12 Mr.T.Vasantha Kumar IV-Year B Executive member
13 Mr.V.Naagha Naveen Kumar III-Year A Executive member
14 Mr.M.Govinda Raj III-Year A Executive member
15 Ms.N.J.Elizabeth III-Year A Executive member
16 Mr.S.Ravi III-Year B Executive member
17 Mr.T.Sugumar III-Year B Executive member
18 Ms.S.Subathra III-Year B Executive member
19 Ms.R.Dharani II-Year A Executive member
20 Ms.T.Gokila II-Year A Executive member
21 Mr.P.Karthikeyan II-Year A Executive member
22 Mr.C.Sridhar II-Year B Executive member
23 Ms.S.Priyanka II-Year B Executive member
24 Mr.S.Ramesh II-Year B Executive member