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Electronics and Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering is equipped with the best of resources to enrich the bloodline of the department ensuring high quality education to the students. The intense professional will of the faculty is the root for the sustained excellence of the department. The state-of-the-art Laboratories, the well-balanced curriculum and the faculty with iron-resolve address the cognitive capacities as well as practical hands on workshop experience of students in fulfilling the ever more pressing needs of the industry. The department holds highly qualified faculty committed to empower students with cutting edge knowledge and positive attitude. Our curriculum lays broad emphasis on acquiring basic competency by undergoing industrial visits / in-plant training and to prepare our graduates for their profession. The state-of art laboratories help students perform practical work and test their theoretical knowledge.

Providing quality education and enabling students to excel in the field of electronics and communication engineering to cater to the changing and challenging needs of industry and society.
To produce skilled engineers with human values.
Quality Policy
To become an internationally recognized centre of excellence for knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination and transfer of knowledge in the field of electronics and communication engineering.

B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering (Full Time)

Year of Enrollment Regulation First day of Batch Strength
2016 2013 ? 120
2015 2013 07.08.2015 120
2014 2013 08.08.2014 120
2013 2013 05.08.2013 120
2012 2008 17.08.2012 120
2011 2008 18.08.2011 60